Shoes & Inserts

  • Custom molded
  • Partial foot (toe-filler)
  • Custom silicone partial foot prosthesis 
  • Diabetic footwear
  • Foot pain, plantar fasciitis, metarsalgia, tarsal coalition, sesmoiditis, pes planus, pes cavus


  • Ankle-foot-orthoses (AFO)
  • Custom and off-the-shelf
  • Hinged and solid
  • Ankle collapse (PTTD, peroneal compromise)
  • Muscle weakness (CVA, CMT)
  • Motion loss
  • Joint protection (Charcot)


  • Hip-knee-ankle-foot orthoses 
  • Post-operative protection 


  • Wrist/hand pain
  • Contracture management 


  • Knee weakness (CVA, neuropathy, stance control) 
  • Knee-ankle-foot orthoses (KAFO)
  • Knee pain
  • Osteo-arthritis 
  • ACL, MCL, combined instability 
  • Stance control KAFOs


  • Motion compromise
  • CVA, contracture bracing


  • Joint protection 
  • Humeral fracture bracing 


  • Collars
  • Back bracing
  • Scoliosis bracing 

Helmets & Facemasks

  • Protective helmets
  • Rhinoguard protective facemasks
Custom Articulating Finger Prosthesis

Custom Articulating Finger Prosthesis

Posted on: 8/24/2021

After finger amputation, functional devices can restore natural hand motion. Watch this initial fitting of a Naked Prosthetics device.

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3D Print Lab Innovates

3D Print Lab Innovates

Posted on: 8/9/2021

The 3D Printing Lab is buzzing day and night, creating unique orthotic devices that provide comfortable stability.

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Brace Replacements

Brace Replacements

Posted on: 9/4/2020

Insurance companies limit how often you can get a new brace. We are dedicated to advocating on your behalf for coverage.

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Why 3D Printed?

Why 3D Printed?

Posted on: 7/13/2020

Our unique 3D printed AFOs, SMOs, and FOs are comfortable, light weight, and provide targeted control.

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We’re Here for You

We’re Here for You

Posted on: 3/17/2020

Our clinics remain open as we closely monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19). The wellbeing of our patients and staff is our priority.

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3D Print Innovations

3D Print Innovations

Posted on: 1/29/2020

3D printing has become more common in orthotics and prosthetics.

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