Kids’ Care at Bio-Tech 

Our pediatric specialists are focused on seeing kids reach their fullest potential in life.

Kids need extra attention, enhanced support, and specialized orthotic care. Our pediatric division offers children and families the opportunity to work with pediatric specialists who are focused on seeing kids reach their fullest potential in life. 

Where we see patients:

  • At our three Bio-Tech clinic locations in Durham, RTP, and Henderson
  • At patient homes, schools, and other rehabilitation clinics in Durham and all surrounding counties

We treat orthopedic, musculoskeletal, and neurological conditions requiring:

  • Splints
  • Supportive Bracing
  • Corrective Bracing

Initiate Care

Care may be initiated by calling our office directly and/or
faxing patient demographics and a physician order to our central fax line: 919-471-4995.

Information we’ll ask for:

  • The child’s name, birthdate, and SSN
  • Information regarding parents/guardians
  • Home address, phone numbers, and emails
  • Prescribing physician and therapist information
  • Insurance details
  • Device recommendations and diagnosis
  • Clinic location preferred
  • If school/facility/other – location information 
3D Print Innovations

3D Print Innovations

Posted on: 1/29/2020

3D printing has become more common in orthotics and prosthetics.

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On-Site Fab is Key

On-Site Fab is Key

Posted on: 1/15/2020

The biggest benefit to fabricating our devices on-site is that we have the opportunity to manage every step of the process.

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